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What To Expect

Choosing the right attorney can be an overwhelming task for some.  Here are some things to consider. Hopefully they will help you make an informed choice.

  • There is no substitute for excellent knowledge of the law and experience.
  • If possible find out what other have to say about the attorney you are considering
  • Meeting with your choice first is very important. Even if someone is the best attorney ever, if it feels wrong.  It is wrong.
  • Be prepared, attorneys often charge very different fees. Make sure you know what to expect.

Most attorney charge for an initial meeting for Family issues.  If you choose to not hire them after the initial meeting they will just ask you to pay an hourly rate for this meeting.  Rates will vary slightly, normally based on Legal Ability but sometimes a large law firm has significant overhead that will also reflect within their hourly rate.

If you choose to retain your attorney after your initial meeting they will normally ask for a retainer and an attorney client contract will be signed.  (The retainer includes the meeting cost)  The retainer is simply the fee charged up front. It is designed to cover a certain number of hours in advance for the case and issues based on your initial consult.  Once your case is and all of the retainer is not used up, you will receive a refund.  If your case is not completed yet and the retainer is used up you may be asked to pay an additional retainer for continued representation. Even if an additional retainer is not requested, you will normally be responsible for any fees incurred that exceed the retainer.

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